Thank you to all the people who have supported us so far.

Thanks to you and many volunteers:

We have so far : 95,414 signatures

Last updated: 6 March, 2018

Collecting signatures

A signature costs the initiative committee between CHF 1.- and CHF 2.50 (validation with the municipality including).

Today we have set up a group of students who collect signatures for CHF 1.- the signature. They have found more than 6,000 signatures in the past two weeks, which suggests that we can achieve our goal.

More than ever, we need financial support to continue and begin validation with the municipalities.

Our bank coordinates

IBAN : CH52 0900 0000 1414 9553 5, Future3.0

I also wish to support this effort financially, and donate by credit card below

Credit card

Thank you for making a direct bank transfer for any amount greater than CHF 500.- (account: CH52 0900 0000 1414 9553 5, Future3.0)